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Our services

Non-certified translation

Do you need your website, terms of sale, instruction manual, packaging or brochure translated? Whatever your project is, our team will be able to meet your requirements.

Certified translation

We provide sworn translations in all languages. Our translations are officially recognized by French and foreign authorities such as embassies, ministries, courts, town halls, prefectures, universities and other administrative organisations. Whether the translation is a contract, articles of association, minutes of a meeting, annual accounts, k-bis corporate registration, a school report, a civil registry document, power of attorney or declaration, it will be certified and legalized by the relevant authorities.


Have you done your own translation or are you handling a foreign-language document of doubtful quality? Our proofreaders will review or correct your translations at a preferential rate. We guarantee you results that will meet your expectations.


We can provide interpreters for:

  • Liaison interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting

Our interpreters are chosen for their exceptional linguistic expertise, as well as for their technical and interpersonal skills. They are available for a wide range of occasions, including conferences, the signing of sales deeds, wedding ceremonies and official visits.

If necessary, we can also provide any sound equipment required, with or without technical assistance.

Multilingual DTP

We are able to work to any layouts you may require. Our computer graphics designers work on complex multilingual documents on a daily basis, including those in Asian languages or languages written from right to left, such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew or Urdu. We can edit your media communications and packaging, design and prepare layouts, in any language.

Our expertise

Our translators are specialized in the following fields of expertise: legal, financial, economic, commercial, marketing, cosmetics, medical and technical (including electronics, IT, aeronautics, railway, hydraulics and sustainable development).


90 avenue des Champs Elysees

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